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So you might be asking yourself just what the Mystery Tin is and a little behind the process, well here are some of those questions answered.

What is Mystery Tin?

The question on everybody's mind; what is the Mystery Tin? Well first of all it's important to know just who's behind the Mystery Tin and that's me, Jonny Campbell. I'm a student... a poor student. This has led me to eating some weird and wonderful concoctions in my time.

I once found myself in the kitchen keeled over with hunger with nothing but a spoon and an empty fridge to comfort me. I then remembered about the tin can that had lost it's identity. What else could I do? This is where the Mystery Tin idea came from... which leads me to believe whatever was in that tin was probably past its sell-by.

What is the process?

I hate to give too much away, but I guess I can spill the beans now that we're closed for business. I basically go into shops and pick up tins at random before heading to the production line (home), where I bring the tin can back to its original state (remove the label) and begin the process of mystification (slap on a new label). Hey presto, we have ourselves a Mystery Tin.

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How do I get one?

You once were able to buy tins from this very site, but sadly I'm no longer doing that. I had to grow up and get a real job designing web sites. It's not nearly as much fun as randomly picking tins off shelves though it does pay better.

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